Marbachegg-Bumbach winter hiking trail

Winter Hiking
5.4 km
Travel time
approx. 2 h
Tour details
Tour details
Marbachegg-Bumbach winter hiking trail
Märchenhafte Winterlandschaft
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch
Marbachegg-Bumbach winter hiking trail
Aussich auf der Winterwanderung
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch
Marbachegg-Bumbach winter hiking trail
Mit der Bretzeli-Bahn geht es bequem auf die Marbachegg
Photo: UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch
Don’t fancy strenuous ascents? If so, this winter hiking trail is a real insider’s tip: with its sunny location, it’s ideal for all those who prefer a short tour that’s not too demanding. The vast majority of it is downhill and even takes you across the cantonal border between Bern and Lucerne.
The winter hiking trail begins up on Marbachegg, which is easily reached by gondola lift from Marbach in just ten minutes. By the same token you have also reached the highest point of the tour as the trail leads downhill from then on. Where the hike begins, the sun terrace at the Marbachegg mountain inn is the ideal spot for a snack and some refreshments. From here there are unique view of the Schrattenfluh mountain range, the headwaters of the Emmental valley in Kemmeriboden, of Bumbach with the prominent Hohgant, and the Bernese alpine peaks.


The first section of the trail takes you past the reservoir to Schottenhof Lochsitli. At this point you are still in the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere. Covering an area of some 400 square kilometres, the Entlebuch Biosphere boasts the largest and most numerous moorland landscapes in the country as well as a fauna and flora of national importance.


From ‘Lucerne’s Wild West’ you soon cross the cantonal border as the trail continues in the Bernese municipality of Schangnau. You are now on the home turf of ski world champion and Olympic medallist Beat Feuz. Down an asphalt road you hike past several idyllic farms. The Hohgant, Schangnau’s local mountain, seems almost close enough to touch. Soon you reach your destination in Bumbach. The PostBus that takes you back to Marbach conveniently stops directly in front of the cosy Alpenrose Restaurant.


Special tariffs for pedestrians

Throughout the entire winter season, pedestrians are able to travel up to Marbachegg and back for only CHF 10.

Technical details

Tour type
Winter Hiking
Starting point
Point of arrival
2 / 6
3 m
539 m
Best Time of Year
January, February, March, December
Marbachegg - Lochsitli - Wäldli - Bumbach
Safety information
Kindly observe the following when out and about on the winter hiking trails:
  • Do not stray from the marked routes.
  • Allow plenty of time and keep an eye on the weather.
  • Be as quiet as you can and you may even get the chance to spot some wildlife; always observe the animals from a respectful distance.
  • Keep all dogs on a leash.
  • Litter and waste: Please take all litter and waste home with you, along with all the nice memories, leaving just your footsteps behind.

Provided that nature sports enthusiasts respect the wildlife and its habitat, there will be less need for bans and restrictions, leaving the natural landscape open for a genuine experience of nature. So please show consideration; we certainly appreciate it!


Broschüre Winterwandern - Wandervorschläge in der UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch können Sie hier herunterladen oder bestellen.

We recommend good, sturdy, water- and cold-resistant footwear and walking poles to steady yourself when walking in the snow.
Author’s advice
Fresh beer is brewed at the Hohgant brewery in Schangnau, well worth a pit stop on the way back!
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Good to know

Free parking is available at the valley station of the Marbachegg Sportbahnen cableways.
Arrival / Return journey
The UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere lies in the very heart of Switzerland, in a central location between Bern and Lucerne. You reach Marbach via the main road No. 10 in the direction of Wiggen (Escholzmatt). In Wiggen itself, turn off in the direction of Marbach. From Thun, drive over the Schallenberg to Marbach.


Plan your route using the Google Route Planner.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
You can reach Marbach via Escholzmatt using public transport (Bern-Lucerne railway line). From Escholzmatt take the PostBus to Marbach Talstation [valley station].

Plan your trip with the SBB Online Timetable.

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