Directions and mobility

How to reach the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch and get around:

Public transport and car sharing

The UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch has half-hourly links to the national railway network. Based on rail timetables, PostBus services connect with arrivals to ensure a smooth onward journey. The  Swiss-wide  luggage service (which also extends into Germany) makes rail travel easier still: take advantage of door-to-door, station-to-station or station-to-door options. For more information, click here.

Public transport timetable

Regional network Wolhusen/Entlebuch and Entlebuch/Escholzmatt

Car-Sharing: Mobility


During the warmer months in particular, arriving via the Brienzer Rothorn is not just a possibility, but indeed advisable. At a leisurely and relaxing pace, a steam railway transports visitors up the side of the mountain from the tranquil village of Brienz in the Bernese Oberland, heading for Lucerne’s highest peak at 2,350 metres. Once at the summit, visitors can drink in peerless views from a sun terrace. Visitors can then ride a cable car down into the valley to Sörenberg, the tourism heart of the UNESCO Biosphere. Further information


The UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch has five gateways.

From Wolhusen to the north, follow main road 10, which leads all the way through the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch from north to south, exiting again after the village of Wiggen in the southwest.

Those who enjoy crossing passes can travel from Thun via the Schallenberg Pass (1,167 metres above sea level, open year-round) or from the Obwalden ‘Länderen’ via the summer passes of Glaubenbielen (1,611 metres, to Sörenberg) or Glaubenberg (1,540 metres, to Entlebuch).

Biking and bicycles

By bike

Organised by the SchweizMobil foundation, the eighth stage of the Panorama Bike Route (Rorschach SG - Montreux VD) leads from the Glaubenbielen Pass to Sörenberg. The ninth stage runs from Sörenberg via Salwideli  and the legendary Kemmeriboden-Bad to Habkern in the Bernese Oberland.

By bicycle

The Alpine Panorama route of Veloland Schweiz (St. Margrethen SG - Aigle VD) leads through  Sörenberg. The fourth stage also crosses the Glaubenbielen Pass to Sörenberg, while the fifth stage leads from Sörenberg via  Kemmeriboden-Bad and the Schallenberg Pass as far as Thun.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

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Would you like to discover the best of Switzerland, preferably on a single route? If so, the Grand Tour of Switzerland is ideal for you. This 1,600-kilometre road trip leads through the most beautiful regions of the country. Riders will experience four linguistic regions, five Alpine passes, 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two biospheres and 22 lakes. We invite you to embark on a voyage of discovery through Switzerland. A warm welcome to the Grand Tour of Switzerland and the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.

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