Moorland and karst landscapes

Alongside its many beautiful areas of pre-alpine moorland, the biosphere reserve has earned UNESCO recognition for its unique karst landscapes.

Moorland and karst

Moors and moorland of national importance

The UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch has 46 raised bogs and transitional bogs as well as 68 fens of national importance, spanning some 26 square kilometres in total.


Our contribution to moor preservation

Since we believe preserving and promoting intact moorland is so important, we want to be a centre of excellence for moorland.


The karst landscape Schratteflue

Situated within the strictly protected core zone, the «Schratteflue» – the most striking karst mountain in the biosphere – is one of Switzerland’s prime karst landscapes.


The folk legend of the stony desert Schratteflue

In bygone times, local people did not know why the Schratteflue near Sörenberg resembled a rocky desert – so scholars came up with a legend to explain the mystery.