Plant and animal life

The reason for the high biodiversity (variety of species) in the Entlebuch is that the region offers many animals and plants a wide variety of habitats: For example, very dry and basic karst habitats are sometimes interlocked with very wet and acidic moor habitats in a very small area. In addition, the Entlebuch offers numerous special forms of forests in the Napf region. In the higher alpine areas, there are rough pastures and meadows that are particularly rich in species because they are extensively managed.

Typical animals & plants

In the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch, animal and plant species typical of the Alps and Pre-Alps can be observed.


Special animals & plants

In addition to the typical species of the Alps and Pre-Alps, the Entlebuch is also home to special and sometimes extremely rare animals and plants.


Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Besides the famous Entlebuch mountain dog and many cows, the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch is home to other special cultivated species such as original spelt.