Der Entlebucher Sennenhund

Die waschechten Entlebucher Sennenhundewelpen Yuna und Yaelle


The Entlebuch mountain dog

Since Roman times, ancestors of the Entlebuch mountain dog have served shepherds as herders and drivers of cattle herds. To this day they remain dependable herders on many farms of Entlebuch. In 1914, the Entlebuch mountain dog was recognised as an independent breed. Like all Swiss mountain dogs, it is mostly black with white and russet patches; it is born with either a stumpy tail or a long tail. At 50cm, it is also the smallest of the four breeds of mountain dog. The Entlebuch mountain dog is a highly active and spirited breed.

In 2018, a report on the Entlebuch mountain dog appeared in the magazine ‘Mein Entlebuch’. Click here to read the report.