Logo Echt Entlebuch

«Echt Entlebuch»: More than a brand

Behind every brand are a number of principles and ideals which form the foundation for the development and credibility of the brand in question. On this very basis, the «Echt Entlebuch» (‘genuinely Entlebuch’) brand and its associated certified products have continued to develop over the years.  

Our philosophy

As a thriving model region, we accept responsibility for the sustainable development of our biosphere – and this responsibility is reflected in the development of our products. The brand promise (of being regional, special and genuine) is harnessed to create regional value, promote cooperation between sectors and market regional products that are innovative and genuine . By focusing on the three areas of sustainability – ecology, economy and society – future generations will be able to utilise and develop the ‘Echt Entlebuch’ label too.

The Branding Commission

The ‘Echt Entlebuch’ brand, which is owned by the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch municipal association, is managed and overseen by the Branding Commission. The Branding Commission comprises a minimum of five and a maximum of eleven members; trade delegates, agricultural organisations and other experts are all represented. The Branding Commission rules on the allocation, utilisation and administration of brands; it also oversees proper application of the regional product brand ECHT ENTLEBUCH and the Parks product label of the state. Moreover, the Commission is responsible for nominating partner farms. The office of the Branding Commission is attached to the administration of the UBE.


From the outset, raising regional value was defined as a core aim of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. The development of an «Echt Entlebuch» brand for regional commodities and products therefore stood to reason.  Initially the emphasis was on milk; alongside dairy products, meat processed in the region and various other specialities formed the first range of Echt Entlebuch products. Since then, the range has grown steadily larger. Today, more than 500 products are certified.


Every ‘Echt Entlebuch’ producer commits to working hard and reaching various milestones in the process of creating ‘Echt Entlebuch’ products. We always remember:

2016 to today


  • #EntlebuchGeniesst; campaign with the gastro partners to promote their takeaway offers during the Corona Lockdown in February
  • 10 years of cooperation with Coop with a in-house exhibition
  • Beeswax from organic beekeeper Hans Senn is the first non-food product to be certified (with OIC certificate)
  • First online cheese tasting with Bergkäserei Marbach in cooperation with Markt AG and Stephan Feige from Saveur Fromage


  • Potato offensive implemented with two organic farms
  • Wood can now be certified as ‘Echt Entlebuch’
  • First partner farm recognised on the basis of «Coaching» in line with Partnership 2.0.
  • Echt Entlebuch is the guest region for the Lucerne Cheese Festival



  • Thomas Röösli appointed new Managing Director of Biosphäre Markt AG
  • 500th Echt Entlebuch product is certified


  • Launch of a new partner category for farms outside the Biosphere Entlebuch region (ambassador farms)
  • Logo adapted: ‘Das Beste der Region’ (‘best of the region’) replaced by the Swiss flag


  • Echt Entlebuch producers are main suppliers to the Zentralschweizerische Jodlerfest (Central Swiss Yodelling Festival) in Schüpfheim.
  • First Entlebuch hay milk products available at the Coop
  • Gaggo Leche is launched (chocolate made with hay milk from the Biosphere Entlebuch and cocoa from the Gran Pajatén biosphere reserve in Peru)


2011 to 2015


  • Hay milk project is launched.
  • Re-certification of Echt Entlebuch completed according to specifications for the ‘Parks’ product label


  • The first Entlebuch wheat is harvested.
  • Entlebuch products available from Lucerne’s weekly market at the Jesuit Church


  • Entlebuch Genusstag (one-day culinary event focusing on milk) held at the BBZN centre in Schüpfheim
  • Establishment of Biosphäre Markt AG
  • First Entlebuch herbs and wild plants marketin Escholzmatt


  • Entlebuch Genusstag (focusing on herbs) held at BBZN centre in Schüpfheim
  • Echt Entlebuch logo adapted to the umbrella brand


  • Cooperation with Coop: Various products with the ‘Echt Entlebuch’ designation available from selected Coops in the Zurich region, and from all central Swiss sales outlets.

2006 to 2010


  • UrDinkel cultivated in Schüpfheim for the first time in a long time on the initiative of Entlebucher Teigwaren GmbH; celebrated in the form of a major UrDinkel harvest.


  • Slogan «Das Beste der Region» added to the logo


  • Accession to umbrella brand organisation ‘Das Beste der Region’
  • Launch of ‘Kräuterland Entlebuch’ project
  • Logo is developed

2001 to 2005


  • Introduction of regulations for partner restaurants, bakeries and service providers.


  • First Sörenberg-Schüpfheim cattle drive with major regional products market
  • Entlebucher Milch: concept study and wake-up call
  • Brand changes from «echt entlebuch biosphärenreservat» to «Echt Entlebuch»


  • Organisation committee for the project awarded the Emmi prize for innovation in February 2002


  • First Cheese Festival held in Entlebuch with dozens of delicious offers on the theme of cheese
  • «echt entlebuch biosphärenreservat» brand introduced at a press conference