The UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

A blessing for all

When the call to prayer rings out from pastures high above the valley, heavenly and earthly ears listen spellbound. After all, the call carries a message, a wish and a promise far and wide. Since November 2018, these traditional calls have been heard more than usual in Entlebuch as the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch proclaims its commitment to the environment, economy and wider society.

Such is the story behind the emergence of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch, which promised to be a blessing for all. UNESCO has given its own blessing, designating the Biosphere Entlebuch a living ‘model region’ and an example to biosphere reserves around the world.

Value for all

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UNO amount to guiding principles for the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. The biosphere promotes the coexistence of humans and nature and seeks to maintain a balance between utilising and protecting. After all, even the most beautiful, untouched and unique environment serves no purpose if it offers people no room to grow. The Entlebuch habitat offers benefits to all: only in this way can the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch claim to be a universal blessing. Creating value is good for all the people of Entlebuch.

Attractive region with much to savour

The blessing of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch extends to visitors from near and far – especially when they enjoy the hospitality of this diverse holiday region and its gastronomy. Whether they arrive for a day trip or a relaxing break, the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch promises happy times and much to enjoy for guests of all ages. If it stands as a blessing to the world, the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch is also a blessing to local and regional producers. A whole range of regional products are marketed under the label «Echt Entlebuch» (‘genuinely Entlebuch’). A slice of genuine Entlebuch in the shape of dairy and meat products from around the region, speciality foods and hand-carved wooden items are all there to be discovered and enjoyed in the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.

New informative material

Full information – covering the core values of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch and its commitment to nature, trade, population, tourism, education and many other areas – is summarised in new publications. The new brochure and a compact pocket card (themed «A blessing for all») are also available.