Vision, mission, guiding principles and goals



The UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch is an international model region for sustainable development, networking and innovation.


We are a globally acknowledged centre of excellence for sustainable regional development. We are enhancing the value of regional strengths and expanding value chains, thereby creating and safeguarding jobs. At the same time, we are preserving our natural beauty and upholding our cultural heritage.

Together with the local populace, we think through and shape the process of change. We initiate, develop and coordinate offers and projects with a focus on the future and the market. We encourage innovation and link up key players. We work professionally, to superior standards of quality. We meet challenges, actively and objectively focusing on solutions.

In short, we work with people for the good of nature, and work with nature for the good of people.

Guiding principles

Maintaining, enhancing and connecting

The UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch constitutes a region of unique landscapes and a well-connected network of unspoilt habitats. Here, biodiversity is preserved for future generations. Habitats of moorland and karst are typical of the global network of biosphere reserves.

Initiating, developing and marketing

Through innovation, pioneering spirit and effective cooperation, we initiate and devise authentic offers and products. To this end, we utilise regional resources and consciously operate at the point where the environment intersects with the economy and wider society. We market our products and offers, and our region, with professionalism.

Raising awareness, learning and researching

We raise awareness among both locals and visitors, thereby motivating them to develop the region with the long term in mind. As a learning organisation, we are committed to the joint process of searching, learning and structuring, thereby applying our experience and knowledge as well as the results of research. We regard change as an opportunity.

Communication, inspiration and involvement

With passion and conviction, we exemplify the philosophy of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. Clear communications targeted at specific groups empower people to understand and experience the biosphere. The local population is involved in determining the future of the biosphere; people are proud to be part of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. The biosphere is truly a blessing for all.

Strategic goals

As a living model region for sustainable development, we accept responsibility for our habitat.

We pursue the following goals:

Preserving the diversity of nature and culture

  • To maintain and enhance a beautiful and unique natural environment and a cultural landscape.
  • To preserve a high degree of biodiversity (especially habitats of moorland and karst).
  • To maintain and develop a rich cultural life.
  • To create liveable village centres while establishing a culture of sustainable construction.

Promoting a strong and innovative regional economy

In general

  • Enhancing regional value creation.
  • Creating skilled jobs.
  • Establishing regional cycles.
  • Promoting and managing innovation and cooperation.
  • Utilising regional resources for the long term.
  • Raising the profile and awareness of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.


  • Promoting year-round tourism, with particular emphasis on nature-focused and cultural tourism that adds value.
  • Promoting agriculture and forestry with a focus on the market and regional resources.
  • Utilising regional, renewable energy sources.
  • Promoting public transport within the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.
  • Marketing high quality products, offers and services, as well as the region, in partnership.
  • Practising professional communications internally and externally while managing the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch brand.
  • Planning coherent land use according to need and putting good basic services in place.

Facing the future together as a region – and an organisation – capable of learning

  • Ensuring local people and visitors to the region are informed and inspired about the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch and the philosophy behind it.
  • Generating, communicating and utilising knowledge and insights.
  • Shaping the future through proactive participation.
  • Establishing and raising the value of specific strategic partnerships.
  • Actively maintaining national and international collaboration with regions and institutions that have similar aims (with particular emphasis on other biosphere reserves).